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The Future of Communication & Technology

The alternative to mainstream media, broadcast for the people & by the people. Technology provided by EmpireIAM University Students!

MegaMedia & Social Platforms

Providing the best media and social platforms. Uniquely developed with everything that a business owner or musician needs to succeed in his/ her career. By adding our exclusive platforms to your business or organization, you will experience streamlined communications with social engagement as an add-on. Making life easier!

User & Mobile Friendly

Don't worry if you do not have a high tech phone or computer you can still navigate our sites/ apps. All devices: Android, iPhone, Amazon Kindle, WP, iPad/ iPod, AppleTV, Playstaion 3, XBOX 360/ ONE, PS4, Blackberry and more... To join by phone, TEXT #IAM your-email to 6128882726.

Keep Track of Your Career

With the semi-major industry, you can manage all of your business needs on your customized platform. As a professional, there's no need to be overwhelmed. "How about letting us take the load off?" - V Dot Nam. !

EmpireIAM's Exclusive Features

Providing the essential tools that an entrepreneur needs to succeed.


Platforms for the musically inspired.


Office space for entrepreneurs.


Studio w/ Billboard Charts.

Mail & Cloud Clients

Take your files everywhere you go!

Empirious Beauties

Intelligent women of the Industry.

EmpireIAM University

Life skills with music & technology.


Here is a little history about us, which you will see that this is not a game!

  • 2006-2009

    Discovery & Settlement of New Land

    After leaving the Great Lakes for the 1st time to serve in the military, V Dot Nam, landed in the heart of Texas. Where he aptly named ThowdTown. 6 months later the Grind continued, and a house was built that reached out to over 50 states and 20 countries. GrindHouse.

  • February 2010

    Welcome to the Hall of Fame

    While Russel & Rick had Def Jam, 2 Detroit natives built a hall of fame for Hip-Hop music. From the ground up, V Dot Nam created a platform called More Than A Social Network. This site hit millions, flooding the servers. A website nightmare. Adverted by V Dot Nam's Coding expertise.

  • May 2012

    The Birth of an Empire

    Our commander V Dot Nam worked in many areas such as web designing, tour preparations, journalism, team recruiting and much more. Giving birth to the Hip Hop Empire Magazine.

  • August 2014

    The Semi-Majors Is Here

    The world has been waiting for an alternative music recording industry with real life elements to enhance the music industry. Nowadays your computer, mobile device, portable music player, cd player, DVD/ Blu-Ray player or game console can become your tools to success. Thus the need for evolution, Music and Technology combined. By paying homage to the Legends, we will make the Music Last Forver!

Our Empirious Team

Elven Jones Jr

CEO/ Webmaster/ Programmer

Jo Von Cheatham

CMO/ Product Developer

Sam Williams II

CIO/ Senior IT Executive

"Many hands make light work" - Unknown

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